1. pierxe-the-veil:

    Vic Fuentes by Adam Elmakias

    (via vicfuentesxx)

  2. kawaii-niggaz:

    I hope Aston sees this someday and tweets it to let other fans know they aren’t alone💕💕 5sos-official
    1 year later and I’m clean of cutting. My scars healed.

  3. Kellin Quinn ft. Copeland Quinn

  4. This picture of ptv is so adorable


  5. I’m completely obsessed with Jamie All Over. I can’t fucking get it out of my head and I’m just going on some random rant here about this song and I can’t stop and now I’m just typing for the hell of it yay Mayday Parade woo yeah Jamie All Over


  6. "Secret love, my escape take me far far away. Secret love, are you there? Will you answer my prayer? Please take me Anywhere But Here"
    — Anywhere But Here - Mayday Parade